The Dead Flags say Goodbye

To quote Mr Gary Barlow, unfortunately, the rumours are true. After almost five years as a working band, The Dead Flags will go on indefinite hiatus after saying goodbye with a brief national farewell tour in July and August.

We've had an incredible time over the past few years. We've scored Top 30 singles, we've received national radio-play and heard our name uttered in the velvet-y prime-time tones of Tony Fenton and Larry Gogan. We've played and become friends with some fantastic bands all over Ireland, the UK and Europe. We wrote great songs and made records with brilliant people in places like Abbey Road. We've graced magazines, blogs and newspapers, received kind words, criticism, support and encouragement from the media. We even got to stay up all night drinking with Therapy? in a field somewhere in Germany. Most importantly, we got to meet and play to amazing people all over Ireland and elsewhere.

Being an independent band is hard work and it's a full-time job. We were more than up for the challenge and we made a great success of it for a time. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the band became just a job - something we had to do rather than something we loved doing. The creativity and passion ebbed away, followed by the love and we didn't realise it until it was too late.

We could go on and see what happens but The Dead Flags has been too important to us to let it die a slow death. We were never a band who had to force a smile or pretend to love what we do, anyone who witnessed our on-stage grinning will know what we mean. We absolutely loved being in this band and the fact that it didn't work out is just a shame.

So, we're wrapping things up now, while we still have some of the spark. And of course, this is not the end. The band-members will still be making music and hopefully you'll see each of us out there again, doing what we love doing. We all still love each-other - don't worry about us, we'll be fine.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be playing around the country including shows in Limerick, Cork and Dublin and bowing out with a final show in our spiritual home, upstairs in Whelan's on Friday 17th August. We hope to make this a fitting end to The Dead Flags' adventure and we'd love to see you there. So goodbye, we'll miss you and thank you for everything.

The Dead Flags

Tour Dates:

Tuesday 17th July The Office Bar, Limerick (with Appian Way)
Thursday 19th July Upstairs @ Whelans, Dublin (with Appian Way)
Thursday 26th July Crane Lane Theatre, Cork
Friday 17th August Farewell Show, Upstairs @ Whelans, Dublin